The overall implementation of the five-day study week, what programs are there to enjoy?



From the first semester of this year, the five-day study week has gone into effect. The five-day study week is a system which requires students to attend classes only in the weekdays, not the weekend. To support this system, Seoul city is currently advertising and opening some great activities for young students. Seoul City is going provide 1,171 elementary, secondary and high schools with an expense of 142 million won(statistics: to create suitable programs for students to enjoy during their free time in the weekends. Newly created activities are categorized into two parts. One is supported and organized by local schools and the other is arranged by special organizations. The former is consisted of activities which can be performed inside classrooms. Schools usually divide these programs into academic clubs (토요학습클럽), cultural art clubs(토요문화예술클럽) and sports clubs(토요스포츠클럽). The latter arranges most of the activity programs, like meeting with artists, trip to museums, looking into universities and visiting archaeological sites. Most of the students who participate in these programs are elementary students because older students choose to focus on their academic studies and voluntary activities rather than on the provided weekend programs. To find out more about the new system, I personally participated in some weekend activities with students.


In school


                       Schools within the Seoul district are currently opening some weekend activities. For students who do not go to school during the weekends due to the five-day study week system, these activities will not only look after children with busy parents but they will also be a great opportunity for inventing students’ skills and creativeness. Students are informed about these programs through school newsletters and they can easily participate by signing up for the activities.

            On the 24th of March, 14 students of Seoul Guui Elementary School took part in an animation&cartoon program. This was a Saturday program organized by the Seoul Guui Elementary School along with 5 other programs like tennis clubs, badminton clubs, traditional percussion quartet clubs and Chinese language clubs.

Inside a classroom, students were educated about the basic skills of drawing cartoons. A student named Ko Hyun Seung (12) said that he came to draw cartoons because “it is a more effective way to spend my weekends. Although I could just sleep in during the weekends, that would be wasting my time. It is rather beneficial for me to come to school on the weekends and learn some useful skills from the Saturday programs.” Parents who allowed their children to take part in the Saturday programs organised by the school had interesting reasons.

One parent of the Seoul Guui Elementary, Cha Myung Shin (39) explained that the “Saturday Programs are free and has less pressure compared to After-school programs. Although there are only a few classes arranged in our school, these can help children to create useful habits and they can try new things with active participations.”




Activity Programs Outside


             From 10 May 2012 to 16 February 2013, the Seoul City has announced that it will be starting a weekend activity program named “Weekend Happy Tour(주말행복투어)”. Each weekend program is established every weekend by 4 different districts of Seoul. A wide variety of activity programs like experiencing farm productions and making cultural art materials are being organized by civil groups and social enterprises which are selected through contests. The first district is supported by ‘Seoul City Mullae Youth Center(서울시립문래청소년수련관)’ (02-2167-0131), the second district by ‘Kwangwoon University’(광운대학교) (02-6715-6650), the third district by ‘Gangnam Seocho Korean Federation for Environmental Movement(강남서초환경운동현합)’ (02-574-7047) and the fourth district is being assisted by ‘Future we make(우리가만드는미래)’ (02-761-2588). Any student who wants to participate can sign up by calling the organizations or by visiting their websites. These groups offer an advantageous prescription for children who are teaching underprivileged and free lunch for participating students.  



On the 17th of March, a historical culture program was held in the Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site. Elementary students of Geumcheon-gu and Gwanak-gu were divided into groups of 12 and an instructor from the hosting companies was arranged with each group. The instructor explained the historic sites and educated young students about the long history of Korea. An interview with an instructor from the industry ‘Travel story(여행이야기)’ was helpful to understand her views about the weekends programs.




Q. Could you briefly explain the historical culture program?

“Well, you could just think of it as an activity program or a method of private education. It is a spot-experience activity but focuses on history trips. On the weekends, I meet with a group of children

regularly and take them around the historic sites. But since today’s theme is ‘The prehistoric times’, this is the first time I’m meeting with this group of students. On the weekdays, adults and older teenagers usually participate in history trips.”


Q. What is the purpose of activity programs?

“As you know, the textbooks that young students use nowadays care difficult to understand without a spot-experience to places like the historical sites. Rather than just memorizing all the complex information in the textbooks, activity programs can be a more enjoyable way to learn. Many mothers are currently choosing this method to educate their children effectively.”









How about overseas?


Photo Credit: Right-Kate MacDonald and Left-Edward Quensell


Foreign countries had taken in the five-day study week system from long ago. Although it is different between regions, foreign countries tend to focus their main weekend activity on sports. One country in particular, New Zealand I had lived, has great weekend sports clubs. Even though New Zealand students get more time during the week to enjoy sports than Korean students, they still participate in many sports clubs during the weekends to relieve their stresses or just to enjoy sports. Unlike Korea, New Zealand’s student sports clubs are small in size and are relatively very cheap or free. One sports club has students from different schools and it participates in various competitions with other clubs. A professional individual or an experienced parent usually performs as an instructor for these sports clubs. One interesting feature about New Zealand’s sports is that people play different sports according to the season. Due to this, Soccer, Netball and Basketball clubs are very popular during winter and Swimming, Cricket and Tennis clubs are favored during summer.


Weekend programs are currently being well constructed to achieve its goals of deriving creativity, skills and potentials of students. Such fun activities will allow students to have many experiences and spend their times effectively.




Weekend activity programs guide sites


National Parent Service Center(전국학부모지원센터)                             

Youth Navi(유스 내비)                                                

Saturday School(토요배움터)                                      

Original Character Education Net(창의인성교육넷)         

Sharing Portal(나눔포털)                                            

1365 Voluntary Work Portal(1365 자원봉사포털)                  

Youth Voluntary Work Activity Center(청소년자원봉사활동센터)



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모든 청소년이 함께 누리는 뮤지컬의 즐거움


- 미지센터, 어린이 뮤지컬 무료 관람 기회 제공

- 사회배려계층 청소년 대상 문화향유 프로그램



서울시립청소년문화교류센터 ‘미지’(이하 미지센터)가 사회배려 청소년을 위한 문화향유권 프로그램의 일환으로 평소 공연을 접하기 어려운 환경에 있는 청소년들에게 어린이 뮤지컬 <브레멘 음악대> 무료 관람 티켓을 배부한다.


브레멘음악대 제작사인 (주)유열컴퍼니가 후원하는 이번 사업은 올해 첫 공연인 4월 7일부터 13일까지의 공연에 참가할 수 있는 기회를 기초생활수급자, 소년소녀가장, 저소득층, 차상위계층, 새터민, 장애아동, 한부모 가정, 다문화가정 등 사회배려 청소년 100명에게 제공하는 것이다. 이는 정보 접근의 어려움과 경제적인 이유 등으로 문화적인 활동의 기회를 제한받기 쉬운 청소년들에게 보편적인 문화 향유의 권리를 제공하기 위한 것으로, 미지센터가 올해 사업의 모토로 내건 ‘모든 청소년을 위한 교류’의 정신을 담고 있다.


올해로 공연 7주년을 맞는 <브레멘 음악대>는 왕따와 학교 폭력 등 최근에도 논란이 되고 있는 청소년의 소외감과 정신적인 고통에 대한 대안을 제시할 수 있는 작품. 늙고 병들어 주인에게 쫓겨난 네 마리 동물들의 이야기를 그린 그림형제의 작품을 원작으로 제각기 개성과 꿈을 지닌 네 마리 동물들이 꿈을 찾아 떠나가는 모험이야기로 각색하여 ‘모두가 소중한 존재’이며, ‘함께라면 못할 게 없다’는 메시지를 전한다.


이와 관련, 유열컴퍼니 대표인 가수 유열 씨는 “음악에 대한 열정을 가진 서로 다른 동물들이 같은 꿈을 바라보며 브레멘으로 향하는 여정을 그려 ‘함께’의 가치를 배울 수 있는 의미 있는 작품”이라면서 “관람한 어린이들이 서로 손을 잡고 극장을 나오는 정겨운 공연”이라고 말한다. 그에 따르면 유열컴퍼니는 모두가 함께하는 세상을 뜻하는 'Be Together' 캠페인을 시작해 올해 7주의 공연 기간 동안 매주 다양한 문화 소외계층 아동 70명씩 공연에 초청할 예정이다.


이번 <브레멘 음악대> 무료 티켓 신청자는 미지센터 홈페이지(에서 참가신청서 양식을 받아 증빙서류와 함께 제출하면 된다. 날짜별 시간별로 선착순 모집되며, 한 사람당 2장씩 티켓을 받을 수 있다. 자세한 내용은 홈페이지를 참고하면 된다. 문의 02)755-1024


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기획단 모집



미지센터는 오는 5월, 주한 폴란드대사관과 함께 하는 다문화교육 프로그램을 실시할 예정입니다.  

이번 프로그램을 준비할 기획단을 아래와 같이 모집합니다.

기획단은 자원봉사자이며, 모든 행사와 기획단 모임에 성실하게 참가할 수 있어야 합니다. 

[대사관과 함께 하는 다문화교육] 프로그램은 청소년을 대상으로 하는 체험형 다문화교육으로, 청소년들이 해외에 나가지 않고 타문화를 접할 수 있도록 합니다.



2012 상반기 기획단 활동 개요
활동기간 l 2개월(4월 16일~6월 16일)
활동내용 l 
    - 프로그램의 기획과 진행(주당 1-3회 회의 및 준비)
    - 행사 홍보와 참가자 모집
    - 프로그램 평가와 결과 보고
    - 행사 진행 보조 등 


모집 개요
모집 인원: 10명 내외


선발 일정

 서류마감  4월 10일(화) 자정까지
 서류결과발표  4월 12일(목) 미지센터 홈페이지에 게재
 면접  4월 13일(금)
 최종선발  4월 14일(토)
 기획단 오리엔테이션  4월 16일(월) 오후 5시


- 만 16~24세의 청소년(비진학 및 대학 재학생, 휴학생, 졸업생 포함)
- 한국어와 영어로 의사소통 가능한 자(기본적인 회화 수준)
- 외국 문화를 소개하는 데 관심이 있고 끝까지 성실하게 기획단 활동을 할 수 있는 자

   * 포토샵, 디자인 등 컴퓨터 능력 우수자 우대

   * 제2외국어(폴란드어) 가능자 우대


기획단 활동 시 특전

      프로그램 참가비 면제(대사관과 함께 하는 다문화교육)

      활동증명서 발급(국영문, 요청시 자원봉사시간으로 대체 가능)  


- 1차 서류전형: 국문 이력서와 국문 자기소개서(자유양식, 필수) 
                      영문 이력서와 영문 자기소개서(자유양식, 선택) 
                      영어 및 제2외국어 성적 사본(선택)

- 2차 면접전형: 그룹 면접(영어 인터뷰 포함)


접수 방법
- 지원서류 완성 후 staff847@mizy.net으로 이메일 접수

- 지원서류를 하나의 파일로 통합, 파일 제목 및 메일 제목을 ‘대사관기획단_이름’으로 할 것 (예: 대사관기획단_홍길동)


대사관과 함께 하는 다문화교육 담당 임원진
02-755-1024(내선 102)

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