Lithunian college women dress in Korean traditional dresses and spread the Hallyu


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            In Kaunas, Lithuania, you can see Lithuanian college women dresses in Korean traditional dresses and singing Korean songs or talking about Korean movies. Through the teachings of Professor Seo Jinseok at Magnus College of Korea and Korean culture since 2008, a group of women interested in the Korean culture were formed. Seo JinSeok is a professor at the Magnus College and teaches Korean regional sciences to students. With the help of his knowledge of Korea as a Korean himself, they meet regularly and watch Korean movies, listen to Korean pop, eat Korean food and etc. These women are helping the Korean culture, hallyu, grow with their deep interest. Korea was always thought to be a “single race”. However, these foreigners are helping Korea grow out of this single race and spread the cultures and spirits of Korea to their country. Now Korea’s range of race is widening to a multicultural race across the globe.

             In the media many people have been able to watch big countries such as England or France love K-POP. Now even this small country Lithuania that not many Koreans know about, is expressing their loves for Korean music and cultures. Korean culture is spreading fast and far. There have been lots of informations about the spread of Korean music in France through the media. However, many people don’t know how Lithuania got to start loving the hallyu. There has been an interview done with the leader of Hallyu Klubas, Rita Marija Antanaviciute and Laura Smolskte  to see how they have been exposed to Korean cultures with such little information about Korea exposed in their country.

Q1. Could you please introduce Hallyu Klubas?

A.  Hallyu klubas (klubas means club in Lithuanian) was opened on February 17th, 2010, but the idea of it came to us several months before. On our page now there are around 200 members, but in our meetings there are around 20 - 30 people who comes usually. Well, we weren't fluent in Korean language, so with name helped our Korean teacher Seo Jinseok. He is our club's guardian. He suggested this name, explained the meaning and we thought that Hallyu - Korean Wave is the best name to our club.


Q2. What kind of activities do you do in the Hallyu Klubas?

A. We are showing Korean movies, cooking Korean dishes, doing Korean things as lotus blossoms or calligraphy, celebrating Korean celebrations like Moon New Year, Chuseok, teaching Korean language, talking about history, representing music, myths, adages, etc. We are trying to show Korean culture in all possible ways.


Q3. How did you guys start to like Korea related things?  Is there a special reason behind why you guys chose to love Hallyu?

A. As for me everything started with Dong Bang Shin Ki. I knew about them in 2008. That was something new to me and very impressing, because I was not used to see such a shows from musicians. Later I started to watch Korean movies and listened to other Korean singers and finally I got interested in whole Korean culture.


Q4. How did you get interested in Hall-ryu?

A. My first interaction with Hallyu was in the end of 2008. The music attracted my attention. If being more precise, the band called Big Bang made me interested in Hallyu. Later I found out about more Korean bands and until then can't stop listening to it. After music, I got interested in films, a bit in dramas. Hallyu has been some new air in my life as I was tired of Western popular culture already.


Q5. Do people in your country know lots about Hallryu or not, and why?

In Lithuania it is possible to find a group of enthusiasts who are interested in Hallyu. However, the majority of Lithuanians know nothing about Hallyu or Korea in general. I believe the reason is lack of knowledge about Korea. As much as I've heard, people most often remember only bad things and the North Korea is what they know. Equally, they assume that in the peninsula South Korea does not exist and every time you mention Korea they immediately interpret it as North Korea. The other point is, the attitude in society. The older generation still is focused on European countries. However, with every next generation, interest in Korea or Far East in general, is getting bigger and bigger.


Q6. What are the goals of the Hallyu Klubas?

A. The goal of Hallyu club is to represent Korean culture to Lithuanians and to make Korea more popular.

                                                Hallyu Kluba members with Professor Seo JinSeok

                                                                  Kimbap making event

                                                                Making lotus torches

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